What Actually Happened in Roger Federer's Stunning 5-set Loss to Grigor Dimitrov? image

What actually happened in Roger Federer’s stunning 5-set loss to Grigor Dimitrov? I make a convincing case that his injury was far worse than he led us to believe.

The Choices That We Make image

As tennis players there all sorts of choices to make: target selection, how hard to hit, which side to play as a doubles returner given who your partner is, whether or not to serve or receive to begin the match etc. Normally, we sort of think that “more advanced” players make better choices. But is this really true?

Another Happy Camper image

Yet another tribute to Deconstructing Tennis. This one from a new 4.0 bumpup who's gone 15-2 in singles and doubles since her promotion on 12/1/2018.

Wimbledon Men: Final Analysis 2019 image

A lot has been made of Roger Federer's failure to convert on his 2 match points in the Wimbledon final. It turns out that this was just a small part of a larger story. Read on to see why ...