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Should There Be Coaching in Tennis? image

A good coach can make the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE. There’s always been a debate about coaching in tennis during a match. Some say that all sports (baseball, football, basketball, boxing, soccer, etc) have coaching, so why not tennis? Others (like me!) claim that coaching will only corrupt a sport known for its sheer individualism.

Use Unforced Errors by Your Opponent to Create Freedom for Yourself image

Often overlooked, however, is the opportunity which you have to gain more freedom which comes from your opponent’s unforced errors. If you think about it for just a bit, you realize that, if your opponent is missing more than they should, you can safely miss more yourself and still retain your margin of victory.

Post-Modern Doubles, Disrupt! Disrupt! image

In modern tennis players know how to watch the ball. However, doubles offers the unique opportunity, because of a netman, to disrupt the flow of play. See the attachment below.