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Deconstructing Tennis Goes Up Against Big Blue image

Big data is the hot new thing. Potentially its correct use will offer all sorts of insights into how things work. But how do the insights of Big Blue compare to those of Deconstructing Tennis? IBM has long run the websites at all four of the Grand Slam events. IBM, at least in my mind, has a reputation with data that the NY Times has with …

Fed vs. Anderson - What Happened? image

Deconstructing Tennis author Bob Schewior explains Kevin Anderson's upset of Roger Federer in the Wimbledon quarter-finals.

Point Importance Matters image

Tennis commentators often suggest that "all points matter." This is true, but some matter more than others. In the July 2018 issue of Tennis Industry magazine, Deconstructing Tennis author, Bob Schewior, explains how this should change the way that tennis players make risk-level choices.