Archive: June, 2017

Tension Control and Optimal Performance image

Most tennis players know that they play better when they are relaxed. In fact, step #3 of the 4-D System (see my book: Deconstructing Tennis) makes touching base with a relaxed body/mind a part of the preparation between each and every point.

Is There a Way to Understand Competitive Results in Tennis? Web version image

In this article, I will discuss the merits of two alternative theories for understanding what is happening in a tennis match: Momentum and The Fractal Theory of Tennis. I will show that momentum is an overused cliché. When pared down to the point where it actually generates a testable hypothesis, momentum doesn’t matter more than a little bit.

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In the chapter on advanced players, most instructional books discuss the “touch shots” –the lob, dropshot, drop volley, half volley, and other delicate shots. Being more of a player means having more touch or feel.