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The Dominance of Carlos Alcaraz image

Carlos Alcaraz is a fast-rising star on the Men's Tennis Tour. We take a look inside the numbers to what explains his dominance. It turns out that his dominance is DOMINANCE!

Dealing With Uncertainty image

Dealing With Uncertainty: What is iSWAG? Tennis is characterized by a pecking order. When players know one another, the outcome is often determined before the first ball is hit by the expectations of both competitors. However, when players are strangers, there is considerable uncertainty surrounding a match. it helps to have …

The Magic of Free Hitting image

If you are the typical tennis player, you are always looking for something magical that will improve your tennis. In this short piece, I will address several approaches to finding your own magic as an individual.

The Road to Process image

Like to change the way that you're doing something? Bob Litwin, 24 time national champion, shares some thoughts with Deconstructing Tennis' Bob Schewior.