What's Inside The Book

The Down Time Between Points

The ball is out of play about 80% of the time that a match is being played. The 4-D System is a simple and concrete method for touching base with the four crucial dimensions of thought which should be accessed between each and every point.

A Rational Basis for Risk-taking

“Going for it” is not a random choice for top players. It is a combination of understanding Percentage Tennis, making a Game plan, and the implications of point importance which comes from the score, that drives the optimal level of risk.

The Ability to Hit Your Targets

Top players play with FEEL. Dissecting the three basic components of FEEL will help you to understand how to get the ball to listen to your instructions.

Important Topics Covered in the Book

The 4-D System

The book breaks down the mental process between points to four concrete steps. Adhering to this mental system will help you to get the most out of your game.

Observe What Happened

Tennis players need to be able to track things like an opponent’s reactions to varying play situations in order to fine tune their tactics. The book provides a simple system for assigning outcomes onto a Win/Lose Luck/Skill grid.

Formulate a Game Plan

Successful game plans are most often simple.


Calm Down

Most often, under pressure, players are too excited rather than too calm. This excess energy causes both execution errors and poor decision-making.

Watch the Ball

You all know that you should Watch the Ball in tennis. This book provides some hints as to how to do it better, and how doing it better will make you a more consistent player.

Point Importance

Not all points in tennis have an equal potential impact on the outcome of a match. You will learn when to change your risk-taking based upon the score.

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About The Author

Robert W. Schewior

Robert W. (Bob) Schewior has been Director of Tennis at the Chestnut Ridge Racquet Club in Mt. Kisco, NY since 1976. He has coached numerous juniors to national rankings and his adult teams have often made it to playoffs in USTA leagues. He has been a certified USPTA Professional for over 25 years.

Bob played #1 singles for Rutgers University from 1971-73. In the late 1970’s and early ‘80’s, he was Westchester County Champion as well as Westchester County Indoor Champion several times. In 1980 he was the New Jersey State doubles champion. Bob reached his peak as a player between 1987 and 1990, when he was ranked in the Top 20 in both the 35-and 40-and-over National USTA rankings in both singles and doubles. At that time, injuries forced him to retire from more active competitive play.

Bob has had two articles published in Gene Scott’s Tennis Week: Feel in Tennis, Feb. 7, 1980 and How to Watch a Match, July 2006. Both are available here on the site.

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