Publishing Party "Fortune Teller"

  • Sep 16, 2017
  • Fun
Publishing Party "Fortune Teller" image

Deconstructing Tennis is a challenging read. By that I mean that you must be focused. It doesn’t seem at all unexpected that a book on how to use your mind in tennis should require your complete attention. However, at the Publishing Party on September 9th, the Deconstructing Tennis team unveiled its “Fortune Teller.” The use of the term “Fortune Teller” is meant to be highly ironic. After all, one way to summarize the point of Deconstructing Tennis is that, as trained players, we leave less and less to chance. The Deconstructing Tennis “Fortune Teller” is 100% fact-based and it answers the following question: “If I just Won/Lost the previous point as a result of Luck/Skill and the point was either Steady or Aggressive, how should I set my risk level for the next point?” The answers provided are accurate and provide an extremely simple framework for preparing for the next point. The “Fortune Teller” is best used on the changeovers when your opponents will be wondering: “What is she doing? It’s 5-4 in the 3rd – how can she be playing with that thing?”  While you are chuckling to yourself, your opponent will be all focused on you – just what you want! You may download your own “Fortune Teller” from the attached pdf. Your child will be able to show you how to fold the "Fortune Teller."

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