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Hi Bob,

I’m happy to report that I finally got around to reading your book during my summer vacation and think it had an impact on playing one of the most focused matches together with Cinthia this week! We had a great win against strong opponents. It helped that we had a chance to warm up before the match, so we avoided our usual slow start but we also played really well all through the match without ever losing focus. What I was able to apply from the book already was the gear setting and shot selection before the point depending on the score. I believe it helped a lot and I think I played more confidently knowing I’m following a system here :)

I’ve been already pretty good about calming down and focusing, although I have a hard time “watching the ball into the strings” which is surprisingly hard to do.

The real test will be my singles match on Sunday though :) A big reason for picking up your book was a lost singles match against a strong 3.5 singles player just before my vacation. I think what happened was that I played to defend my lead and let her back into the match ... also, she was very nice and friendly but talking to my opponent during the set break does not work for me.

I wanted to ask if you could sign one of your books for Cinthia and ship it to me so I have a little gift for my favorite doubles partner. 



My comments: Happy to hear that the 4-D System is helping you to improve. In general, there should be minimal chatter between opponents during a match. There is plenty of time afterwards to have a good conversation! 


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