Schewior to present Deconstructing Tennis: The 4-D System at USPTA Eastern Division Conference, May 5th 9-10am

How to Spend the time Between Points in Tennis: Bob Schewior will present his 4-D System at the USPTA Eastern Division Conference on May 5th from 9-10am at Proform, Doral Arrowwood Hotel, in Rye , NY. He will be joined by Gary Kushnirovich, former St. John's #1 and world-ranked player, who has used the System with his stable of top-level students with a high level of success. Kushnirovich, who has won each of the 3 Chestnut Ridge Pro Shootouts, has also noticed a far better mental game in his own play since he began implementing the 4-D System. However, it should be noted that the System is effective at ALL levels of play.